About Us


Mc Mahon Construction is based in Kilkenny and conducts most of its business in Kilkenny & surrounding counties.


We as a company value the need for training, in order to keep one step ahead of new regulations and building practices.

Green Energy

This is a big and extremely relevant part of construction in today’s climate. Comfortable surroundings in which to live and breathe are at the fore front of peoples’ minds. We have used a number of geo thermal heating units from a ground source to air to water units. We have also worked with various green insulation such as sheep’s wool and wood fibre insulation etc.

Waste Management

All waste is disposed of appropriately by a licensed haulier and efforts are made to recycle material wherever possible.

Clean is efficient and this is why we enforce a clean site rule, for efficient work practice & safety on site. Each sub contractor must also adhere to this policy.